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Steve Dann

CEO&Founder Amplified Robot
VR/AR London Chapter President


Based in London, Steve is the CEO of Amplified Robot, and co-founder of a number of
new tech startups such as Medical Realities and iRewards. He is responsible for spearheading Amplified Robot’s drive into the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality sectors, the company specialises in all forms of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content, production and delivery.

An AR & VR Expert, Steve is a regular writer and contributor to media blogs, and a
thought-leader in the realms of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. He is a regular
speaker on the subject of AR, VR and new technology at conferences and events
around the world. Steve has presented numerous keynote sessions at IBC, AWE, Apps
World and Google Campus, as well as giving regular presentations and talks at the
Augmenting Reality Meetup group which he organises. He is also the President of the
London Chapter of the VR/AR Association.

Steve Dann