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Lorenzo Grimaldi

Strategic Content


Lorenzo has taken over the leadership of PlayStation’s Strategic Content, a team he co-created with Shahid Ahmad, after four years as his right hand man. He has helped bring 88 games to PlayStation so far, including Hotline Miami, Spelunky, OlliOlli, FEZ and Velocity 2X, and he’s currently working on many more, including No Man’s Sky, Hellblade, Boundless, Robinson, Battlezone and EVE: Valkyrie, in his never-ending quest to help independent developers realise their dreams.

Prior to that he worked at Square Enix, overseeing the European localisation and release of Final Fantasy XI, XIII and XIV, Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope, Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria and Odin Sphere among others.

In his spare time he plays board and card games, cooks Italian food, keeps fit by playing squash and tennis, and of course plays videogames – his platinum trophy tally is 72 and counting!

Lorenzo Grimaldi