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Dimitris Tsingos

Starttech Ventures
Founder and Head of Entrepreneurship


Dimitris Tsingos is an Athens-based tech entrepreneur and early stage investor. He’s the Founder and Head of Entrepreneurship at Starttech Ventures, an investment organization in Athens, Greece and in San Francisco, California, focusing on early stage software companies. Dimitris launched Virtual Trip, www.vtrip.net, the first student tech

startup in Greece, in 2000 and has since then co-founded or been the founding investor of 17 tech companies, while we has made one successful exit (AbZorba Games, 2015) and created one scale-up (TalentLMS), for which he received the EBAN 2016 Award for the best angel invested exit in Europe.
A passionate European federalist, Dimitris was the President of Yes for Europe – European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs from November 2010 till January 2016. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Yes for Europe is the most significant youth entrepreneurship organization in Europe, being the collective voice of more than 50,000 young entrepreneurs as well as representing the EU in international networks, such as theG20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance and Allied for Startups.

Besides that, Dimitris Tsingos has been Founder of the Hellenic Start-up Association, which has been the first association of startup companies in Europe, a Board Member at EBAN – The European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and other Early Stage Market Players as well as one of the “40-under-40” European Young Leaders for 2013.

Regarding his academic and research background, Dimitris Tsingos received his diploma in Computer Science from the University of Crete in 2002 and his MBA International from the Athens University of Economics & Business in 2005. Moreover, he was an undergrad guest researcher at the Computational Vision & Active Perception Laboratory of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden in 1998, and, a member of the Networks & Telecommunications Research Group at the Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, Heraklion, Greece in 1999 and 2000.

Dimitris Tsingos